These are the 10 principles which guide our day-to-day activities and decision making.

Engineering Excellence

Excellent services make happy customers. We want to be known for Engineering Excellence. Our systems will be designed and built for international scalability and we will aim for 100% reliability. We believe that the best designs are the simplest.

Our services are often critical to our customers. Customers want to deal with an expert so that their problem can be addressed as quickly as possible. We will own a problem and proactively made sure it is resolved.

Customer Service Excellence

Spend Money As If It Was Your Own

The more careful we are with money, the more we can invest to be successful. Our time costs money so we will make sure we deliver projects on time. We will protect the business from financial risks including unauthorised system access and customer and supplier risks.

Only people who don't do anything don't make mistakes. If you make a mistake just make sure you tell the team and don't repeat it. It's OK to say "I don't understand" - it will be you soon, so make sure you support anyone who needs help.

It's OK To Make Mistakes

Constant Improvement

We stay ahead of our competitors by constantly getting better. Each of us will identify one thing per week (no matter how big or small) that we can do ourselves to make the business better.

We are always looking for things that need doing and for ways to help each other. If something needs doing, we do it, or we find the person who can. We make sure we understand the detail and that the job is 100% complete.

We Take The Initiative

We Are One Team

We want to be respectful, humble, kind, fair and decent in the way we work with each other, our suppliers and our customers. We take responsibility for communicating with the rest of the team around the world.

Our services are built on what we buy from our suppliers. We will search for the best suppliers and build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with them. We will treat suppliers as part of our team

We Are Only As Good As Our Suppliers

The Highest Ethical Standards

People do business with people they trust. We want to be proud to tell our friends and family how we operate. It's OK to turn down opportunities we're not comfortable with. We have a zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and fraud.

The way we present ourselves is critical - the world will immediately judge us against our competitors. Everything must be perfect - web sites, emails, presentations, invoices, sales proposals, contracts, social media etc.

Perfect Presentation


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