A full range of corporate-class features to transform your business communications.

Advanced Business Phone System Delivered from the Cloud

Microtalk Cloud PBX is a complete business phone system delivered from the cloud.

It grows with your business and scales from one to tens of thousands of users.

Simple-to-use web portals give users and system administrators easy control over all features.

It supports premium IP phones, PC Softphones and Mobile Apps to give users PBX functionality anywhere.

Your business benefits from a simpler IT and telecom infrastructure, in-built business continuity and disaster recovery, lower operational costs and improved employee collaboration.

Business Benefits

  • Improve Productivity
    • Call anywhere to anywhere as if in the same office
    • Centralise multi-site, home and mobile workers
    • Features to improve collaboration
  • Simplify Your Business
    • Centralise your telecom systems
    • Outsource your telecoms - Microtalk is responsible for system availability, capacity, security and upgrades
  • Save Money
    • Free on-net calling between all desk phones and Mobile Apps
    • No more voice line rental costs
  • Improve Customer Service
    • Keep existing numbers & easily add new numbers
    • Quickly deploy powerful telecom services to better serve customers

Less Complexity, Greater Functionality

Traditional Solution

  • Separate voice and data networks
  • No integration between desk phones and PCs
  • No PBX capability on mobile phones
  • Expensive voice lines to public network

Microtalk Cloud PBX Solution

  • Remove separate voice network - simply plug the IP phone in to your data network and the PC in to the phone
  • Free everyone from their desks with Mobile Apps that give PBX functionality anywhere
  • Phones and PCs work together
  • Save money - no need for voice lines

Enterprise-Class Security & Reliability

  • Fully duplicated, massively scalable network
  • Multiple High Availability Secure Data Centres
  • Phones locked to IP addresses
  • SSL portals with individual password access for Users and System Administrators
  • Fraud Protection (real-time credit limit enforcement)
  • PCI Compliant

International Capabilities

  • International Offices
    • Multiple international users deployed across multiple data centres appear as a single company and users operate locally for calling in and out
    • Microtalk has data centre presence and telecom licences in UK, USA, Canada and India - you chose where to connect each user to
  • Recordings
    • Storage of voice recordings is configurable to comply with local regulatory requirements in different countries
  • Low cost calling out
    • Call 220+ countries (via high quality Tier-1 interconnects)
  • Connecting international offices
    • Free on-net IP calls between international offices as if everyone is in the same office
  • Receiving calls from numbers in 100+ countries

Number Hosting & Disaster Recovery

  • Keep your published numbers
    • We'll work with your existing number provider to connect or port your numbers to our Cloud
    • No equipment, wiring or site visits required
    • No more charges for lines (PRI/T1 or PSTN
    • No more capacity charges or capacity limitations
  • Host your number(s) on Microtalk Cloud
    • We'll manage your numbers
    • Unlimited capacity (1:1 extensions to outside lines)
    • Centralise number management
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    • Protect against power outage, fire, theft, flood, terrorism, transport strikes etc
    • In event of disaster, calls can be delivered to any alternative landline, mobile or App worldwide
    • Employees keep working, services keep being delivered to customers

Customisation & Integration

  • The Cloud PBX services are developed by Microtalk's in-house Software Engineering teams
  • Our Engineering teams can:
    • Configure the system to work best for you
    • Add custom features for your business
    • Integrate with your existing databases, billing systems, management systems, reports and business dashboards
  • Example integrations include:
    • screen popping customer records based on Caller ID look-up
    • Routing calls from important customers to the right people
    • Billing calls from hotel rooms
    • Automatically billing time on the phone for professional services


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Technical Support

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  • Email:
  • Skype: support.microtalk


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