Advanced contact centre services, delivered from the cloud.


Unlimited Agents

There is no limit to the number of agents which can be added to the system. Agents may be in multiple locations, including remote and home workers.

Unlimited Agent Groups

Agents may be added to Groups and there is no limit to the number of Groups or the number of different Groups an Agent may be added to.

Incoming Automatic Call Distribution

The system supports 8 different call routing algorithms to enable the best possible matching of callers to available agents and their skills.

Agent Softphone

WebRTC browser-based agent softphone supports all calling functions. Plug in any USB headset to the agent computer to enable voice communication over your data network (and eliminate desk phones and telecom wiring).

Skills based Routing

Sophisticated matching of a caller's requirements with agent's skills is supported through combining incoming number routing, data collected through IVR and Automatic Call Distribution algorithm selection.

Multi-Level Interactive Voice Response

IVR supports collection of data from callers to enable their call to be routed and dealt with most quickly by a suitably skilled agent. There is no limit to the number of IVRs configurable or the number of IVR levels.

Performance Dashboards

Dashboards can be accessed and displayed anywhere (call centre monitors, individual users PCs, remote workers and mobile devices). Data display fields support configurable colours and configurable trigger levels to change colour.

Call Recording

Advanced call recording features enable unlimited simultaneous calls to be recorded. Configurable storage options support compliance with your region's Data Protection legislation. Powerful search functions enable recordings to be retrieved when required.

Supervisor Barge

Supervisors can join calls which are in progress between callers and agents for training or to provide additional support when required.


  • Single system breaks down communications barriers between different groups within an organisation and allows everyone to work as one team.
  • Every system user has access to all Cloud Business Phone System and all Cloud Call Centre features and functionality.
  • Simplify your organisation with a single platform to manage for all of your communications requirements.
  • With everything on one platform you are able to quickly obtain data and performance metrics for the entire organisation.
  • There are no limits to the combinations of phone system and call centre service combinations so you only pay for what you us.


  • All services delivered from the cloud over an internet connection, with no requirement for on-site call centre equipment.
  • We look after corporate-class reliability, capacity and upgrades.
  • System scales with your business requirements. Start with one agent and add as many as you need. If you need extra agents for busy periods, just add and remove them as needed via the Administrator portal.
  • Connect any agent to the system, anywhere in the world - all they need is internet access. Perfect for home workers, agents in multiple offices and agents around the world working to provide 24/7 cover.
  • Keep your numbers and manage them for the whole organisation on our communications cloud.


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