We specialise in very high volume, high quality, short durations calls.

We are extremely experienced in call centre minutes. We have been carrying very high volumes of call centre, dialler and broadcast traffic for over seven years.

Microtalk's network connects to your dialling equipment through SIP Trunks.

We understand the importance of high call quality matched with high capacity for your outbound telemarketing campaigns to succeed.

Our Call Centre SIP Trunks are configured for very high numbers of simultaneous calls (up to several thousand) with high Calls Per Second (CPS) and low Average Call Duration (ACD).

Through our Tier-1 interconnects we are able to deliver call centre profile traffic to most countries in the world.

We load balance calls across a cluster of high capacity IP Soft Switches in our communications cloud to ensure your calls are successfully routed to their destination.


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Technical Support

  • Phone: +913366236623
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